At Secure Me Insurance Agency, our mission is to provide everyone with an insurance policy that gives the consumer choices based on what they feel will meet their needs and wants on a policy. Insurance is confusing enough and it is nice to feel that someone has understood a conversation rather than talking above a client’s knowledge level. We will provide you with the customer service that will allow you to proudly refer our agency business.


Life is full of unexpected situations that can change your financial picture in the blink of an eye. How you will fare from the situation will depend on how well you are insured and whether you have the right type of policy in place. Insurance is a fantastic safeguard to unanticipated costs. Despite the fact that most folks know the importance of insurance, most do not know all of the various types of insurance which are available to help you when disaster strikes.

We offer a comprehensive list of insurance services which include:

  • Homeowners Insurance

Offers coverage and protection for your home in the event of damage caused by fire, theft, smoke, vandalism and severe weather conditions such as lightning, hurricanes, hail and wind.


  • Medicare Supplement Plans

Is a type of insurance that can be used to assist in covering certain out of pocket costs that are not paid by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.


  • Medicare Part D Plans

A prescription drug program for those on Medicare.


  • Medicare Advantage Plans

Provide benefits to existing Medicare plans, which include additional coverage, multiple plan options, as well as long-term savings.


  • Health Insurance

Coverage for medical expenses arising from hospital and doctor visits, medication, medical consultation, medical testing and medical procedures.


  • Home Health Care

An extensive variety of health care services provided in the comfort of the insured’s home.


  • Life Insurance

Contract policy which provides benefits to the beneficiaries of the decedent.


  • Automobile Insurance

Protection against economic losses due to accidents and/or theft.


  • Workers Comp Insurance

Workers’ Comp, provides benefits to employees who suffer an injury or illness that is work related.


  • Business General Liability Insurance

Includes Professional Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions (E&O) and policies that offer protection for any claims that may result against your business.


  • Disability Insurance

Income protection benefit which acts as income replacement by paying a portion of monthly income if you are unable to work as a result of an illness or injury.


  • Annuities

Long-term investment offered by an insurance company, intended to protect the policy holder from the risk of outliving their income.


  • Umbrella Insurance

Provides additional insurance coverage beyond the limits of standard policies.


  • Renters Insurance

Insurance for those renting or subletting apartments, condominiums, duplexes, single family homes, townhomes, and villas.


  • Travel Insurance

Provides coverage when traveling, which includes medical expenses, flight cancellations, lost luggage and other losses that may result when travelling.


  • Pet Insurance

Health insurance for your pet, which can save you money from unexpected veterinary costs resulting from injury and/or illness to your pet.


At Secure Me Insurance Agency, we specialize in homeowner’s insurance coverage in the state of Florida, including the Tampa Bay area, Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Sarasota, Tarpon Springs, Trinity and Pasco County.

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